• High bro-formance stainless steel bolts
  • Includes 15 high stainless steel double edge safety blades enough for 10 fresh blade changes
  • Blade refills nearly 50-times versus competing cartridge (with de blades inside) back hair shavers


Bruh, it’s a thoughtful design. it’s outrageoulsy fast, do it yourself, design, and low blades. It’s fast bro. We all know back hair just needs to go. When they go dull, flip them over. Duh they are double edge. We include 15 super high-stainless blades for brosane comfort. For a total of 10 fresh blade changes after that use your favorite double edge blades. You’ve got blade choices brah.

Use any standard double edge safety blades, around 15 cents a blade we’re clean brah takes sterile, factory sealed blades. We don’t open, glue, or repackage razors. It is made with high bro-formance stainless steel bolts, a cool super car design, and completely killer knife handle grip. And features: functional, professional, sleek, and modern design. Made and engineered by professionals bros.


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