• 5 Blades, our thinnest and finest yet to ensure less tug and pull
  • Precision trimmer on the back for accurate edging
  • Enhanced lubrastrip with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil
  • Our most advanced low resistance blade coating for effortless glide
  • 2X preferred when used with the fusion proglide razor with flexball(tm) technology (overall preference vs. Former proglide, among proglide users)


More than a century ago, king c Gillette said, “we’ll stop making razor blades when we can’t keep making them better. ” It’s this spirit of innovation that drives us even today to offer you the closest, most precise shave possible.

The Gillette fusion proglide blades are a testimony to that. Brought to life by over 150 scientists, designers, engineers, and 8 years of research and development, each of these blades is thinner than the wavelength of light. Combine that with a host of other cutting edge features and you get the precision to look, feel and perform your best every day.


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