• Product 1: Engineered to perfection with a smooth chrome finish, the Precision Safety Razor is designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy
  • Product 1: Product Details: 96gm, 11.5 cm metal (Brass and Zamak Alloy)
  • Product 1: Includes Japanese-engineered Feather Stainless Blades that cut the hair cleanly in one stroke to deliver the closest possible shave
  • Product 1: Generous weight for a gravity-assisted glide and impeccable design make it effortless to use
  • Product 2: Made from imitation badger hair
  • Product 2: An imitation badger hair shaving brush with soft bristles that generate excellent lather
  • Product 2: The shaving brush glides elegantly on your skin, exactly like a badger would
  • Product 2: The best shaving brush for a rich lather


Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor + 10 Platinum Coated Feather Blades Combo

Engineered to perfection with a smooth chrome finish, our single-blade Precision Safety Razor is beautiful to behold. Generous weight and impeccable design make it effortless to use making it ideal for beginners. The razor comes with Japanese-engineered Feather blades that cut cleanly through facial hair. A truly comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.

The razor comes packaged in a premium gift box to present to the men in your life – your Dad for Father’s Day, your husband for your wedding anniversary or even your friend or brother for their birthday.

Bombay Shaving Company Imitation Badger Shaving Brush, Cruelty-Free Bristles
Discover a new whole new world of shaving with Bombay shaving company’s plush shaving brush. Crafted from synthetic bristles, it is whisper soft on your skin, and holds enough water to create a rich shaving lather with the shaving cream, softening and lifting your whiskers for the smoothest possible shave. The brush is designed to last you a lifetime with proper care. Made from imitation badger hair. No badgers were harmed in the manufacturing of this brush.


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