• 5 BLADE SHAVING RAZOR: Our 5X Shaving Razor For Men is a premium 5 Blade Shaving Razor crafted in the USA and designed to delivery the smoothest shaving experience. Each shaving cartridge has 5 sharp shaving blades with a double coated ceramic edge to improve razor glide and deliver a burn free shave. Each razor cartridge is also equipped with an extra trimmer blade for easy styling and hard to reach areas.
  • AMERICAN ENGINEERING: All of our razor blades are precision engineered in the USA using state of the art technology by the finest engineers with over 140 years of expertise in the field. Each razor blade has been carefully crafted to ensure that you receive only the finest shaving experience.
  • 28% EXTRA LUBRICATION: Each shaving razor blade is equipped with a lubrication strip with 28% Extra lubrication compared to the old 5X Shaving Razor. The lubrication strip is enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin-E to provide the maximum protection to your skin and improve razor glide to help you get a smooth, close & burn free shave
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED SHAVING RAZOR: Every one of our razor blade and shaving razor is dermatologically tested to ensure a safe, smooth & clean shaving experience with no redness, irritation or razor burn. Each blade is designed to cater to all skin types and is especially suited for sensitive skin.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR MAX CONTROL – Our shaving razor has an ergonomically designed weighted metal razor handle for maximum control and stability during your shave.


The 5X Shaving Razor is a premium shaving razor for men that has been specially designed by experts with over 140 years expertise, to delivery the finest shaving experience. Each cartridge contains 5 premium, sharp razor blades that are made in the USA along with an additional trimmer blade for easy styling. Every blade is carefully crafted to ensure the most burn free and comfortable shave.

Each cartridge blade has 28% extra he Aloe Vera lubrication that protects the skin and ensures a burn free shave while the anti clog design ensure a quick and easy rinse. Moreover, the metallic razor handle has a chrome finish and an extra rubberized grip to ensure maximum control while you shave. All together, the 5X Shave Razor, with its premium blade quality will give you the ultimate shaving experience.


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