• Detergent made from soapnuts and tamarind. Natural, organic and herbal dishwash liquid. Age-old formula perfected by grandmas, repacked for modern days using scientific research. Fully bio-degradable.
  • Can be used in Dishwasher Machine. Fill in the detergent section with 30-40 ml of liquid. Use rinse aid and salt as usual. Being a natural and mild product, performance in dishwasher may not be comparable to regular chemical-based detergents.
  • Works well on oily vessels. Gives extra shine to utensils. Leaves no toxic residues on dishes unlike dishwash bars
  • Ideal for washing baby feeding bottles and bottle accessories
  • Gentle on human skin. Hypoallergenic and pH5.5. No chapped hands from doing the dishes


Foaming agents in dish wash liquids and bars are harsh chemicals that irritate skin and pollute water bodies. Chapped hands from doing the dishes is a common complaint.

Chemical residues of dish wash bars on utensils is a common sight and pose risk of ingesting chemicals with food. Key benefits are: gentle on skin. Leaves no residues on utensils, completely non-toxic, fully bio-degradable.


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