• For cooking vessels, add a drop of Bacleen dish cleaning gel directly on the scrubber and wash to get rid of tough stains.
  • Wash liquid cleans the toughest stains on the vessels
  • Dish wash liquid is soluble and it never creates drainage problems
  • With the power of 100 lemons, gives you complete cleaning without leaving any residue, unlike Dishwash Bars.


BACLEEN DISH WASHING LIQUID 2L cleans the toughest stains on the vessels. This is a real hygienic way for washing the utensils or vessels as compared to using a bar or powder.

BACLEEN DISH WASHING LIQUID leaves no mark of its on the utensils as it dissolves 100%, where as the bar & powder if not rinsed properly they remain on the utensils and then eventually it affects our health. BACLEEN DISH WASHING LIQUID is 100% soluble and it never creates drainage problems. This liquid is totally safe on hands as it contains neutral pH


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