• BENEFITS : 1. NIXY dish wash liquid fragrance do not leave rancid smell on dishes 2. People can enjoy soft hands always by using our NIXY dishwash liquid contained with some organic minerals and ingredients / these ingredients helps the skin stay natural 3. NIXY dishwash liquid saves time and efforts in cleaning by its special features / it also keeps prestigious glistening dishes without rancid smell 4. By using our NIXY anti-bacterial dishwash liquid the hands remain soft and healthy
  • FEATURES : 1. NIXY dishwash liquid fragrances inspired by nature 2. NIXY dishwash liquid ingredients are fo high quality 3. NIXY concentrated dish wash liquid is tough on greases 4. NIXY dish wash liquid contains natural minerals 5. NIXY dish wash liquid gel is ph controlled
  • HOW TO USE : Take 1 ml of NIXY concentrated dishwash liquid soap, mix the dishwash liquid in one bowl of water (50ml), dip the scrubber, squeeeze multiple times to get powerful cleaning foam, start cleaning to get sparkling utensils.
  • CONTAINS : Water (aqua), natural minerals, anionic surfactants, sodium chloride, STD coloring agent, alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, amphotric surfactant, preservative, fragrance.
  • DOSAGE : 1 ml for 50 ml water


NIXY dish wash liquid, dish washing gel is very important household cleaning product to keep your utensils & slab clean, hygiene and harm free from any diseases.

1. NIXY dishwash liquid soap is very gentle & soft for sensitive hands.

2.NIXY disinfectant dish washing soap gel is a ph controlled dish wash product with some organic, natural ingredients and minerals, which cleans off tough greasy stains, removes bad odour and gives you quick sparkling shine results.

3.NIXY anti-bacterial dish wash liquid is an environmentally friendly dish washing gel with some organic, natural minerals for the removal of bad odour and tough oily stains. NIXY dish wash liquid is featured with some moisturizing minerals which keeps the hands soft. It does not include any herbal ingredients or any kind of very harmful chemicals

4.NIXY dish wash liquid soap is very effective in removal of dirt with its unique featured minerals and ingredients. It turns out into lavish foam once diluted in water to make it easy for the removal of stains and it does not leave any powder substance on the dishes & utensils after wash.

5.The formulation making of our NIXY concentrated dish wash liquid soap focuses on high quality with economic cost.

Where to use: NIXY concentrated dish washing soap gel can be used safely to gently wash vessels, utensils, steel dishes, slabs, containers (plastic, stainless steel, fibre, aluminium), plates, spoons, pans and all other kind of cookware materials to give you a sparkling shine. Also, NIXY concentrated dishwash liquid products can be used at home and industries such as; hotels, restaurants, factories, offices where it has to placed in kitchens.

Fragrances: NIXY dish washing liquid detergent and anti-bacterial concentrated gel smells good with fragrances inspired by nature. That good smell is made by safe luxurious essential oils which gives you a pleasant and exciting experience.


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