Cooking Capacity (unit = people ) :- 0-50 people food at a time



  • The burner used in this product is known by S1 Burner.
  • LESS NOISE. Also known as Silencer Burner.
  • The flame produced by this burner is in blue colour.
  • The heating capacity is efficient as the consumption of gas is at an optimum purpose which makes the flame efficient, it can be indicated through the blue flame.
  • Works extra than normal commercial burners as it’s consumption is efficiently used which approximately takes more 3 to 5 days for the cylinder to be replaced.
  • Due to this, it is widely popular for GAS SAVING BURNER.
  • The gas consumption of this extraordinary burner is 0.190 kg/hr.
  • By using this burner up to 75 people food can be prepared at a time


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