• CAY Brand Heavy Duty Mild Steel Finish Commercial Gas Chulha Canteen Iron Bhatti Stove Burner , Size – 10L X 10H X 8H Inch
  • Package Includes: 1) Bhatti Stove 2) Fitted 6 Ft. BRASS NUT Hose Pipe for Leakage Resistant Fitting. 3) 1Pc High Pressure Brass Head Regulator. 4) 1Pc High Pressure Brass Valve. 5) 1Pc Lighter. Total of 5 different Items.
  • Gas Bhatti Consumption:- 0.7 Kg/Hour , Gas Chulha Bhatti Burner Size :- 3 inch diameter. Gas Stove Bhatti Cooking Capacity (unit = people):- 0-75 people food at a time
  • Perfect for Big Utensils, Marriage Function Cooking, Outdoor Gas Stove and Outdoor Cooking, Picnics, Camping, Traveling, Parties, Get-togethers, Tracking, Canteen & Hotels Heavy Cooking Usage etc.
  • High Quality, Coarse Threaded, Leakage Resistant and Highly Durable Hose Pipe, Valve and Regulator Fitted with Brass Nuts & All Thread Sealed With Teflon Tapes


Package Includes:

1) Stainless Steel Gas Stove/ Bhatti.

2) 6 Ft. BRASS NUT Hose Pipe for Leakage Proof Fitting.

3) 1Pc High Pressure Brass Head Regulator.

4) 1Pc High Pressure Brass Head Valve.

5) 1Pc Lighter.


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