• Airwick ‘scents of India’ are inspired by India’s diversity and beauty
  • Create a refreshing and rejuvenating experience with Nagpur narangi, at home
  • This unique fragrance brings to you the essence of cool waters and aloe
  • Airwick s dual action formula eliminates unpleasant odours and freshens the air instantly
  • Fragrances available – Himalayan mountain mist, Madurai incense, aromas of Kashmir, Nagpur hills of munnar


We know that you put your heart and soul into making your home beautiful. You connect deeply with the sights and sounds that surround you everyday and that you’ve gathered as a child or on your travel across India.

The new Airwick scents of India air fresheners are inspired by the beautiful fragrances one can find in India and guarantee to add to the beauty of your home by elevating and instantly freshening the air.


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