• Made of natural extracts and aromatic oils, it gives you a subtle yet fresh fragrance
  • 100% Herbal room freshener with zero chemicals
  • This herbal room freshener comes in 250 ml bottle which lasts for a month
  • Comes in 5 scents to suit your mood: lemon, white lily, sandal, rose and lavender


Herbal Strategi’s– herbal room freshener is the one-stop solution for bad odours and gives you that fresh breath of air that you have been looking for a long time. Made of herbal ingredients, it is a viable option to replace products that have a chemical composition and can be harmful at times.

How to use it: the Herbal Strategi air freshener keeps bad odours at bay and provides you with a subtle aroma. Now, get the feel of a spa with this product. Here is what you need to do: unlock safety stopper to release the trigger. Spray in a room 3-5 times with nozzle pointed upwards in the air. Repeat after 2-3 hours. Removes stale and musty odour.


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