• Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser provides continuous freshness anywhere
  • Transforms natural essential oils into a fragrant mist to elevate ambience of your home
  • The kit includes 1 diffuser, 3 AA batteries, and 1 refill spray
  • Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser gives up to 45 days of freshness
  • Has 3 fragrance intensity settings low, medium and high
  • Refills are available in Calming Rose and Relaxing Lavender
  • It’s portable and can be used in room, kitchen , office etc


Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser gives up to 45 days of continuous freshness for a delightful experience every time. The diffuser is battery operated and comes with 3 AA batteries to bring long-lasting fragrance into your bedroom, guestroom, gym, dining room etc.

The stylish Airwick device has 3 in-built fragrance intensity settings (low, medium, high) to ensure just the right amount of fragrance as required. Just insert the battery and the refill and turn on device using the slider at the bottom of the device. Voila! You’re all set to experience the ultimate fragrant home.

Airwick diffuser transforms natural essential oils into a gentle fragrance mist with Relaxing lavender fragrance to elevate your home. Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser is designed to run for 8 hours, releasing mist regularly and then go on standby for the next 16 hours. Once the refill gets over, replace it only with new Airwick Essential Mist Refills for the best experience. Safety Warning: Use Airwick Essential Mist Diffuser as directed. Do not allow product spray to settle on surfaces or fabrics.Keep in a cool, dry place. Lifespan: 24 Months.


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