• Intensity Of Fragrance : Light To Medium
  • Fragrance Rose Petals : Authentic fragrance of Rose Petals.
  • Manufactured Under Best European Health Safety Standards Unique Odour Absorber Formula Premium European Air Fragrance.
  • Airance fragrance bottles fits almost all the available machines/dispensers in the market which use 250 ml or 300 ml Air freshener refill bottle. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH GODREJ AER MATIC.
  • 250 ML Refill 3000+ Sprays Special Anti Bacterial Formula Long Lasting Non Toxic


Airance is a Luxury European Air Fragrance Brand Available in India. Airance Luxury Air Fragrances

1.Description Fragrance Rose Petals (Intensity Of Fragrance: Light To Medium) : The sensuality of the fragrance of rose petals takes your thoughts closer to exotic experiences.

2.Features Most of the Airance Fragrances contain natural ethereal oils extracted from plants and leaves through steam distillation process. Since ancient times, they have been known to have a great positive impact on mind and body Airance fragrances have a unique formula for “Odour Absorber”. It instantly de-activates molecules of compounds that cause malodours Airance fragrance bottles are 250 ml & have 3000+ sprays, which makes it lasts for upto 6 months or more depending upon the frequency of the use.

Airance Fragrance Bottles can be used with almost all the available dispensers in the market which use 250 ml refill bottle. Airance Fragrance can also be sprayed by hand also in cars etc. Instantaneous, Effective and Long Lasting Air Fragrance. Eliminates Airborne Bacteria, Odours and fragrances the ambience 24 x 7. 3.Area Covered Airance Fragrances have highly effective aromatic ethereal oils which remain in the atmosphere for a longer time and are effective in areas upto 600 sq.ft (or 6000 cubic feet) with a ceiling height of 10 sq.ft. 4.Safety Standards No CFC Manufactured under Best European Health Safety Standards Special Anti Bacterial Formula Non Toxic.


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