• Free from SLS, parabens, ammonia and other toxins.
  • 100 percent baby-safe and pet-friendly.
  • Eco friendly, Low foaming gel, saves water
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Fights germs and grime leaving your dishes with a refreshing fragrance.


Natural Life’s baby-Safe & Chemical Free Dishwash Gel is made from natural, food-grade ingredients. As it is free from toxins like ammonia, parabens and SLS, it keeps your dishes free from not just germs but toxins too! Safer Home For Your Family Ordinary cleaning products contain parabens as a preservative, but parabens can irritate the skin, cause hormonal imbalances, and even pollute the environment.

This paraben-free Dishwash Gel ensures a safer home for you and your family. Baby-Safe And Pet-Friendly Made with natural ingredients, this Dishwash Gel is free from toxins and irritants. It is the best choice for your little ones and your pet’s sensitive skin and delicate organs. Eco-Friendly After using the cleaning products, we drain the water into the oceans. Parabens and SLS present in the water can cause serious harm to marine life. Our product is free from SLS and parabens, making it a safer option that does not harm the ecosystem. Gentle on Skin Yes, our product doesn’t foam up as much as other products.

This is because it is free from SLS an ingredient that not only adds foam but is also a known skin irritant. The corrosive effects of SLS are not just skin-deep – they even corrode the fats and proteins that make up the skin and muscles. No Long-Term Side Effects Usage of cleaning products that contain ammonia and SLS can damage your eyes, heart, liver, respiratory system and brain in the long-term. When ammonia based cleaners are used in a confined space, it can cause immediate side effects like headaches, nausea, eye irritation, dizziness and respiratory problems. This is why our product is free from these ingredients.


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