• Extracts of Azolla pinnata, Gel of Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Extracts of Citrus aurantium, Virgin oil of Cocos nucifera.
  • No Borax, No Caustics, No Parabens, No Gelatin
  • 1. Take few drops of gel in the bowl & add some water 2. Dip the scrub in the bowl 3. Rub gently on all the soiled utensils 4. Finally rinse with water.
  • For stubborn stains, apply the gel on the utensils. Sprinkle some water. Allow it to sit for a few mins. Then rub the utensils, rinse and wash with water.
  • Cleans dirt. Removes stains. Eradicates germs. Natural foam


Naturally formulated dish wash gel with exquisite cleaning capabilities, effective anti-microbial properties and pleasant natural aroma.

Being a micro essence of nature, this non-toxic Dish Wash Gel inflicts no harm even if any residue is left behind on the plates. It takes care of your health, like Mom & Dad.


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