• Dimensions W x H x D (cm): 135 x 195 x 60 / Primary Material: CRCA Steel / Delivery Condition :Knock Down / Free Assembly Provided
  • Sliding Door Design:The sliding doors are the perfect solution to your space problems. They free up the aisle space so you don’t have to scoot past every time someone accesses the wardrobe.
  • Integrated Steel Handles :Handles that become loose after long usage can be a real nuisance. The integrated steel handles stay put to ensure a strong grip every time.
  • Dedicated Storage:Each door of the two-door wardrobe provides access to a separate storage area with two different locks and keys. Sharing a wardrobe with your roommate will not be a problem.
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Designed for today’s compact room sizes, the Slide N Store wardrobe offers unique features that are relevant for individual needs. Rooms today are no longer individual spaces, but are becoming shared spaces. With the shared spaces, it becomes important to respect the privacy and individuality of the people sharing the s pace. To address this, Slide N Store is designed with two unique compartments that are configured differently and can be locked and accessed independent of the other


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