• Superior Quality Wash Care Resin Ribbon, Size: 110mm(Width)x75mtr (Length)
  • Core: 1 inch, Face outside, Color: Black,
  • Ideal for Tags/Labels of maximum width 100 mm or 4 inch
  • Long lasting print on Polyster or Poly Propylene made Tags/Stickers/Labels
  • Print labels/tags/barcode, Exceptionally dense dark print, Compatible with most barcode printers


Thermal transfer printer ribbon is critical in extending the life of your printer’s print head and choosing the correct thermal ribbon ensures your barcode labels/tags/stickers look great and stay looking great. blackBAR converts thermal transfer ribbons for all popular brands of thermal transfer printers including TSC, Argox etc. Resin Thermal Ribbons achieve superior durability including high temperature and chemical resistance.


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