• NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES – We do not add chemical colors, chemical preservatives or chemical fragrances in any of our products. Thus they are guaranteed to be free from any toxins which are harmful to the body and cause allergy to the skin.
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Castor oil, Palm oil, Water, Salt, Coco Amido Propyl Betaine (Extracted from coconut oil) Vegetable glycerin, and Lemon Oil.
  • TOXIN FREE PRODUCTS – we have a wide range of products that are completely free of chemicals and contain only plant-based ingredients and herbs. From personal hygiene products like soaps, body wash and hand wash liquids to household cleaning products like dishwashing and laundry detergents.


  • NON-DRYING FORMULA – Give your hands a gentle yet thorough clean without drying your hands. Mountain herbs liquid hand soap leaves your skin feeling smooth, moisturize and beautifully cleansed.
  • NATURAL LIQUID HAND SOAP – Our products are made from carefully selected 100% natural herbs and pure vegetable oils. Freshness, quality ingredients, and gentle processing all contribute to an exceptional product that is loved by our customers.


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