• Dimensions: 87cm Height x 87 cm Width x 64cm Depth
  • Made of High quality carbon steel and MDF
  • Easy to Fold and takes space with only 4Cm Thickness
  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry and Space Saving
  • Can carry load up to 8 KG


Folding Furniture is now a days mostly searched customer’s requirement. Space is the biggest constraint all over the world and we at InnoFur continuously working to improve the designs considering the Factor “Space”. We are not only in space saving furniture, going beyond we can say we are manufacturing “Space Efficient Furniture”. You will not find space saving characteristics in every product of ours but yes in every product you will definitely find how can you “efficiently” use the space so as to remove the space constrain and obtain better comforts.

We see many solution available in the market which are jerky, un-easy to operate and so called space saving. In InnoFur we are testing the product in actual condition by doing survey of customer of different segment, age group as well as locality and accordingly we improve the designs and put a final product

InnoFur Meleti Folding desk is space efficient study/laptop desk with extra shelf. The major advantage of this table is, you can put books and other stuffs like table lamp, coffee mugs on the shelf without disturbing your work while using the table. The table can easily fold and after folding it can place below or side the bed as its taking only 4CM space to keep.

The table comes with Floor protectors bushes which take care your floor while operation. the table is lightweight (8 KG) and ergonomically designed with the specification 80CM x 90CMx 50CM in unfold condition. We are providing instruction manual, tools and accessories with our product through which customer can easily get the operations of the product.


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