• Medium Firmness/ Orthopedic Mattress/ Spine Care/ No Assembly Required. Cotton candy memory foam that has a quicker response, better than traditional memory foam at dispersing heat.100% pure High Resilience comfort layer with air flow technology keeps the circulation of air inside the mattress
  • Back support base layer made form Re-Active foam, can provide firm support to mattress and mattress can long last. This mattress is free from mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Hypoallergenic grade 400GSM fabric to minimize the possibilities of an allergic response for the skin with no potential irritating substances
  • Base Fabric made from 100% organic cotton, comes with Anti-Skid pattern and it has dust mite barrier and Insect-free features
  • 10 Years Manufacturer warranty


  • Durfi Cotton Candy Memory Foam Mattress 6-inch King mattress that helps keep your back aligned, gives you comfort and coziness.
  • Designed and developed suitable for everyone, it does not have 10 layers of sleep comfort or any gawky name of a technology which makes no sense.
  • It’s an all-in one mattress carefully developed, can goes with all ages and recommendable for all sleeping postures.
  • Designed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep, DURFI is here to simplify your sleeping pattern.
  • Durfi mattress is equipped with patented Cotton Candy Memory Foam, foam can adopt your body posture and provides support for back.
  • Our cotton candy memory foam layer is so soft and sensitive, it lulls you to sleep.
  • Durfi convoluted comfort layer is really resilient and it will provide uniform support to body posture.
  • Durfi Orthopedic foam layer is really dense, it will provide uniform support to body and mattress can last longer.
  • Thermo bonded cotton felt, can provides ergonomic support. Organic cotton anti-skid bottom closer fabric freeze the mattress on the surface.


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