• Capacity: 55 Litres
  • ncluded Components: 1 Air Cooler With User Manual
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year
  • Maximum Operating Distance: 4000 M³/Hr
  • Wattage: 180W


Energy Efficient, Indoor & Semi-Outdoor Portable

Air coolers that come with A world of features

Aisen air coolers gives instant relief from the scorching heat by delivering strong gush of naturally cooled air even in peak summer. Every cooler is made with highest quality components to give robust & outstanding performance under extreme weather conditions while superior aesthetics tastefully add up to the surrounding ambience.

Aisen coolers work on evaporative air technology which is the most natural way of cooling. Warm air is drawn inside the cooler through cooling pads on which water is continuously dripped evenly. The water drops take the heat of air and evaporates thereby cooling the air inside the cooler. Cool air is then blown out of the cooler by powerful blower or fan to give cool air comfort.


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