• This folding table is suitable for various home styles and the wall space is reasonably used. The table can be flattened and folded freely to save space.
  • Use environmentally friendly materials to protect the health of you and your family. Watertight technology, smooth surface, overall beautiful.
  • Triangular bracket, stable and stable, long service life. Easy to install. With mounting accessories.
  • Safe design of rounded corners to avoid scratches and more privacy. Thick plate (2.5 cm), thick practical materials, good load (maximum load 30-50 kg).
  • Space-saving multifunction table: offers additional workspace or dining room, can be folded up when not needed, can be used as a work table, coffee table, bedroom or computer table, work or games, kitchen table, study table. Ideal for small rooms or narrow kitchens.


Welcome to my shop! This folding wall table uses ecological materials to take care of you and your family.

Waterproof technology, smooth surface, great overall appearance. Practical thick material (2.5 cm), good load capacity (maximum load capacity 30-50 kg).

Suitable for a variety of domestic styles, for the rational use of wall space, the table can be freely flattened and folded, saving space, it is the ideal choice.

Product name: Wall hanging table


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