• Our Beds are made from high grade old Teak wood which highlights the wood grain The wood used in the furniture is perfectly seasoned for optimum moisture content, to reduce the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction of the products. Note – Plywood has been used at Drawer sides panel / Mattress area / Supporting frame structure.
  • Bed Dimension – Length (88 In), Width (75 In), Height (33 In) // Drawer Dimension – Length (39 In), Width (35 In), Height (10.5 In) // Recommended Mattress Size – Length (78 In), Width (72 In) Mattress is not part of Order.Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller.
  • 1 Year Limited Domestic Brand Warranty. The warranty does not cover damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear & tear in the natural course of product usage.
  • Comfortable Cushioned Leatherette Backrest / Back rest has 2 small compartments where you can place your Mobile and books / 4 Drawers can be used to store blankets, duvets, bed sheets, pillows etc


Teak from Ghana has been rated as the highest quality in the world due to its sufficient plantation life of 20-25 years. Indian plantations of Sheesham/ Mango are relatively younger with 4-6 years lifespan & hence have lot of moisture. This results in wood cracking even in Indian temperatures over 25 degrees.

Moisture in sheesham wood also attracts bores and termites. CasaStyle Mattresses are available In orthopedic and reversible configuration and our experts can assist regarding spine support, softness, medical condition, sleep behavior etc. and any other questions that you may have.


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