• Deodrizes & refreshes – fights body odour under armpits, legs, feet’s and refreshes the whole body with its peppermint effect
  • Strong Defense – it may help against wash fungi and bacteria from the surface of the skin and provides strong defense against athletes foot, jock itch, toe nail fungus, ringworm, itchy scalp and other skin irritations
  • For fitness freaks- provides soothing comfort after workout and wash away bacteria and fungus contracted after a session in gym, cycling, running or any other sweating sport
  • Moisturizing body wash – made with pure tea tree oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, aloe vera this body wash is gentle for all ages of men, women and teens to use daily
  • Free from sulfate, parabens, cruelty – made with 100% natural ingredients this body wash and foot soak is free from harmful chemicals and is well suited with


Multipurpose bodywash and foot soak; our tea tree and neem body wash & foot soak is a unique blend of skin nourishing botanicals and natural essential oils such as tea tree oil, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and other herbs and oils to revive your senses, while leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and healthy.;

who can use it?; ideal for men, women and teenagers, it is commonly used by those with an active lifestyle to help wash away sweat, dirt and common skin irritation which one may acquire unknowingly while using gym equipment, ; shared shower/bathing areas, excessive sweating or by working out in polluted environment.;

how it works?; helps refresh armpits, feet, toenails and whole body. Also provide naturals defense against; body odour; itchy skin; athletes foot; jock itch; toenail fungus; ringworm; eczema ; itchy scalp and other skin irritations botanical ingredients; tea tree oil; neem oil; peppermint essential oil; cherry blossom extract; aloe vera ; rosemary oil; jojoba oil; pomegranate seed oil; cranberry seed oil; *see full list of ingredients on back of the label


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