• 1.Light weight fiber chassis and adjustable in size(adjustment Range Min.21 cms Max 25 cms.)
  • 2.High speed semi precision ball bearings with 60 mm Anti- skid vinyl wheel
  • 3. Lightweight design allows child to skate more freely
  • 4HELMET COMES IN 2 SIZES- M (53-56cm); L (57-60cm).For a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead to ensure you choose the correct size.
  • 5 This classic adjustable skate is a great way to get started! Great for indoors and outdoors.


SKATES 1 High roller skates skating adjustable wear on sports shoes for kids with front brake 2 60 MM Anti-skid Vinyl Wheels 3 Adjustable size with brake 4 Comes with laces 5 Laces up front closure 6 Lightweight design allows child to skate more freely, Toe stop provides greater control and safety 7 GREAT STARTER: Let your child have some good old-fashioned fun, this classic adjustable skate is a great way to get started! Great for indoors and outdoors. Indoor/outdoor composite wheels and semi-precision bearings. 8 Store in dry place Leave to dry at room temperature away from direct source of heat SAFETY meets LOOKS – Discover a high quality helmet that looks and feels great on your head. Subtle and elegant it’s large enough to protect you but slim enough to look good. Constructed with Team Obsidian’s advanced IN-MOULD Technique, our bicycle helmet is like no other.

DURABLE, FEATHER LIGHT and WELL VENTILATED, it is the only companion you and your bike will ever need.

SHOCK ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY – We made NO compromises on Safety and Comfort. You get a Solid Construction, Great Ventilation and all in a sleek matte finish. Our state of the art cycle helmet, made with reinforced skeleton and our in-mound technology, is constructed to ABSORB shock and PROTECT the head in the case of even severe accident.

BUILT WITH COMFORT IN MIND – 9 MASSIVE air vents for an outstanding airflow across the head. We kept the weight to an absolute minimum without sacrificing safety, through our reinforced design.


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