• SANITIZED ANTI POLLUTION MATTRESS: Coirfit AER Mattress is Sanitized before dispatch.
  • Product dimension:- Length78″ or 6.5 ft, width 72″ or 6 ft, height 6″ ; Color: White; Bed size: KING
  • Material: TOP LAYER: ISO Approved Temperature regulated Cool Memory Foam; Transition Layer : A combination of memory foam and High resilience foam ; Base Layer: HR Foam
  • Comfort Level : Medium;  not too soft, not too hard, just the optimum comfort.
  • ORGANIC Bamboo Charcoal Fabric Cover: Purifies Your Sleeping Environment Continously
  • Non-Skid Bottom Fabric: eliminates slipping due to weight
  • Side Fabric: Cool Linen Fabric that increases air circulation
  • No Questions Asked.
  • Mattress Warranty: 15 Years


The All New AER Memory Foam Mattress from the house of 31 year old mattress manufacturer’s Coir Fit is a specialyy designed product keeping all your comfort needs in mind. The mattress features a special temperature regulated Memory Foam that keeps the mattress temperature regulated in addition to moulding to your body shape for providing utmost comfort.

The very innovatiove Memory Foam Layer is supported by a zonal support layer made up of High Density High Resilience Foam. The Pure Fully organic Bamboo fabric ensures that your skin and environment stay fresh and you are not exposed to any chemicals at all.

The anti-skid fabric used at the bottom of the mattress ensures proper adherance of the mattress to the base-bed, hence ensuring an optimum sturdy comfortable surface. With a 30 Night’s Trial and a 15 year Warranty at such a never-before,the mattress is a best deal that you will grab today.


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