• PREMIUM QUALITY The Wood Beaded Seat Cushion is made of high quality wooden beads that won t break when you sit on them. These beads are also double-strung to keep the entire structure intact while going against pressure
  • Universal Fit, MUST HAVE – The massaging car seat cushion is a total must have for secretaries, truckers, drivers and more. The universal fit, combined with the supreme quality and price makes it an award winning item
  • EASY INSTALLATION The installation of Wood Beaded Seat Cushion won t take you a minute. Because this cushion fits to almost all types of seat, you can simply put it over the anterior surface of the chair and tie the string in the back to secure its position
  • VENTILATION The cushion is especially designed with small gaps in between the beads so allow a good circulation of air. This specifically lowers the temperature on your back and thighs the hottest regions especially when you are seated
  • EFFORTLESS MASSAGE The Beaded Seat Cushion is designed to give you an effortless and gentle back and thigh massage with ventilation while you are seated in your car seat, office chair or for home use




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