10+ Best Smelling Incense Sticks In India 2023
Smelling Incense Sticks

10+ Best Smelling Incense Sticks In Online India 2023

Incense sticks, also known as agarbatti, are an essential part of Indian culture and tradition. The burning of incense sticks is a common practice in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious ceremonies and rituals. The fragrance of incense sticks has a significant role in creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere during meditation and prayer. The aroma of the incense sticks varies depending on the ingredients used to make them. Some incense sticks are made from herbs, while others are made from flowers, spices, or resins.

In India, the use of incense sticks can be traced back to ancient times. Historically, they were used for medicinal purposes and to drive away evil spirits. Nowadays, incense sticks are used for a variety of reasons, from religious ceremonies to aromatherapy. The use of incense sticks is so widespread in India that it is a common sight to see people lighting them in their homes, shops, and even on the streets.

The process of making incense sticks is a skilled art that has been passed down through generations. The ingredients used to make incense sticks are mixed together with water and a binding agent to form a paste. The paste is then rolled onto a bamboo stick and dried in the sun. Once the sticks are dry, they are packaged and sold in shops or used in religious ceremonies.

The act of smelling incense sticks has a calming effect on the mind and body. The fragrance of incense sticks is said to have therapeutic properties that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The scent of incense sticks can also stimulate creativity and enhance focus.

Best smelling incense sticks agarbatti

Mangaldeep Lo Smoke Incense Sticks – Breezy Lavender Total 200 Sticks (Pack of 4)

  • Revolutionary product powered with a special “lo smoke technology” that releases 80 percent lesser smoke
  • Superior fragrance but with reduced amount of smoke
  • ITC trusted product

Song of India India Temple Incense – 120 Stick Large Box

  • This product will be an excellent pick for you
  • The product is Durable

Zed Black 3 In 1 Premium incense Sticks – Aroma fragrance sticks for Refreshing and Alluring Environment – Pack of 4

  • Get long Lasting Fragrance- Zed black brings you the most soothing and refreshing fragrance sticks that are ideal for your home and workplace
  • The package contains incense sticks pack of 4. Made of essential oils and woods
  • Whether you are using them for meditation or spiritual purpose or just for relaxing, these will lift up your mood within a few seconds, and create an amazing atmosphere all around
  • Easy to use and suitable for everyone, these incense sticks worth your time. You can also gift it to your dear ones on a special occasion to make them feel special and loved
  • Caution: Burn these incense sticks away from children and pets. Ashes should fall on fireproof and heat resistant surface only

Cycle Pure Agarbatti GoodLuck Champa Incense Sticks – Champa Fragrance – for Daily Puja, Rituals, Yoga, Meditation – Pack of 3 (250 gm per Pouch)

  • Scented bathi created using the classic fragrance of Champa flower.
  • Floral, Woody, Natural, Devotional, champa fragrance ideal for daily prayer, havan, meditation and yoga
  • Burning Time – 30 mins
  • Net Quantity – Pack of 3 (250 gm per pouch)
  • WHY BUY CYCLE? Every ingredient used in every Cycle product is ethically sourced in a sustainable manner. Cycle supports women empowerment, cares for the environment, provides livelihood to tribals and plants sacred trees in temples. Cycle is the World’s first Certified Zero Carbon manufacturer of Incense and Air-care products. Thank you for choosing Cycle and providing hope for future generations.

The Aroma Factory Organic Incense Sticks (Rose, Saffron Sandal, Fresh Active) Charcoal Free | Non Toxic | 100% Herbal Pooja Agarbatti | Natural Aromatic Fragrance, 3 Bottle x 100g

  • INCENSE STICKS: The Rose, Kesar Chandan Saffron Sandal and Fresh Active agarbatti’s are made in a traditional way. Each stick contains natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, aromatic oils, wood powder
  • LONG LASTING: The Aroma Factory incense Sticks contains 0% Charcoal, long lasting fragrance to relax your senses
  • BOTTLE PACK: Refill & Reuse. Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home, office, perfect for Pooja, Hawan, Puja, Therapy, Meditation, Gifting & Yoga
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: Each bottle contains 100 gram Incense Sticks. Each stick is 9 inch in length and comes with a long burning time of 40 – 45 minutes. Charcoal-free incense sticks dipped in natural essential oils. The Organic Incense sticks are safe and healthy with low smoke.
  • OTHER EXOTIC FRAGRANCES: Try all Fragrances of Dhoop Batti & Incense Sticks Agarbatti by The Aroma Factory : Chandan, Rose, Loban, Gugal, Mogra, Lavender, Jasmine, Patchouli, White Sage, 3 in 1, Chocolate, Pineapple, Strawberry, Oudh, Green Apple & many more

Hem Precious Rose Incense Stick…(9.3 cm X 6.0 cm X 25.5cm, Black)

  • Creation of incense is a sacred art and the method to create them comes through a constant passion and dedication to deliver best fragrance for our senses. Over a period of 35 years, HEM has pioneered the art of incense making. We manufacture a wide range of incense products for our consumers.
  • HEM Precious Rose incense sticks is a unique fragrance of a million roses, a source of sublime purity.
  • Traditional fragrance for peace and prosperity

Amazon Brand – Solimo Incense Sticks, Multi fragrance – 70 sticks/pack (Pack of 4)

  • Solimo Incense Sticks with refreshing Rose, Lavender, Sandal and Jasmine fragrances
  • Freshens the air and eliminates bad odours
  • Burning time: 47 minutes
  • Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home or the office
  • Perfect for pujas, aroma therapy and meditation
  • Safety directions: Burn away from children and pets. Ensure that ashes fall on a fireproof and heat-resistant surface
  • Quantity: 70 sticks; pack of 4 (one fragrance per pack)

Beclina Home Fragrance Incense Sticks (Jasmine, Set of 2) | Charcoal Free | Eco-Friendly Incense | Home Fragrance Products | Fragrance for Home | Luxury Natural Home Fragrance Sticks | Wedding Gifts

  • Components: The package contains a set of 2 incense sticks with Jasmine fragrance. The fragrance can create a sense of comfort and warmth within minutes. An ideal way to ease yourself into a spiritual and meditative mood begins with the ritual of burning incense sticks/agarbatti.
  • Premium Fragrance: To release the fragrance of the incense sticks you simply light the stick and place it in a holder to keep it away from surfaces. Lightly blowing on the flame when lit encourages the stick or cones to produce glowing ash-like embers that release the scent.
  • Chemical Free: These natural incense sticks are chemical-free, organic and are made of pure herbal ingredients without any chemical fragrance.
  • Elevate your Space: Incense sticks create a calming atmosphere and a relaxing environment at home. Burning incense is a simple but powerful way to enhance the surroundings.
  • Perfect for Everyday Use: For worshipping, wedding events, spa, reiki, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, sensual therapy, positivity, relaxation, etc. Our incenses give you a feeling of compassion, well-being, inner peace, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality, and embodiment of oneself to raise your vibrations.

Precious Lavender Incense Sticks And Red Rose Incense Sticks With Incense Holder Bundle For Spiritual Décor And Home Fragrance

  • Hem Incense sticks variety pack includes Precious Lavender|Red Rose fragrances.
  • Gift Set: Total 2 fragrances. 3 packs of each fragrance. 20 incense sticks in each pack. Incense holder is also included.
  • Inciensos aromaticos – Incenses are popular in almost every culture. Traditionally incenses were used for religious and sprituality puposes.
  • Agarbatti Sticks – Our incense sticks are non toxic all natural organic and herbal. All incense are handcrafted in India according to traditional customs using minimal tools and almost no machinery.

Patanjali Bamboo Astha Jasmine Agarbattis (9 cm x 1.5 cm x 24 cm, Black)

  • Color: Black
  • Item Diomensions (L x W x H): 9 cm x 1.5 cm x 24 cm
  • Package Contents: Pack of 13 Incense Sticks with 15 Grams Each
  • Product Weight: 15 g

Gayatri God Bless You Pure Masala Agarbatti | Premium Hand Rolled Masala Incense Sticks for Puja & Meditation | Pooja Item for Aromatic Environment | (250g Pack) (Pack of 1)

  • Creation of incense is a sacred art and the method to create them comes through constant passion dedication deliver best fragrance for our senses.
  • Our special handcrafted masala incense sticks that will spread pleasing aroma and create a positive environment in the interiors of your house.
  • Traditional Fragrance for peace and prosperity