You are currently viewing Top 15 Best Bath Soap For Daily Use In Online India 2021 [Bengali]
Now Top 15 Best Bath Soap For Daily Use in India 2021 [Bengali]

Top 15 Best Bath Soap For Daily Use In Online India 2021 [Bengali]

Amadar Lift Style Sathea Amon Onek Kichu Jinis Ache J Gulo Amader Daily Life Khub Besi Dorkar Nijer Soril Valo Rakhar Jono.

Manusher Jibone Khawar Khawar Joto Ta Joruri Totota Nijer Kheyal Rakha Joruri, Daily Snan Kora, Poriskar Thaka, Soril Keyal Rakha.

Ajker Short List Kora Bath Soap Gulo Khub Valo, Khub Besi Fenna Dekha Jay. Onek Customer Bebohar Koreche Kintu Tader Feedback Manea Rating khub Valo.

Jara Soap Gulo Bebohar Korche Tader Khub Besi Valo Legeche Tai Valo Rating Kore Janieache Soap Gulo Sotti Khub Valo.

Rating Gulo Dekhe Ami Akta Short List Korlam, Ai Soap Gulo Dekhe Apnar O Pochondo Hobe, Apni Apnar pochondo Hisabe Niben. Onek Kache Khub Kom Somoy Thake Sothik Soap Ta Khuje Ber Kora Somoy Thake Naa, Tai Ami Short List ta Banalam.

Sobar Sob Saban (Soap) Bebohar Korte Pare Naa, Hoyto Soap Gondho Pochondo Hoy Naa Abar Soril Kharap Hoy. Apni Apnar Pochonder Bebohar Soap Niben.

Best Bath Soap For Daily Use In Online

Park Avenue Premium Men’s Soap, Shea Butter+ Coconut Oil, 125g (BUY 3 GET 1)

  • Premium Fragrant Soap
  • Grade I Soap
  • Pamper yourself with ultimate moisturizing soap with power of 3 moisturizers – Glycerine, coconut oil and shea butter
  • Strong woody fragrance with great bloom and retention on skin. Ideal For Men
  • Cleansing without drying

Pears Moisturising Bathing Bar Soap with Glycerine Pure & Gentle For Golden Glow (125g x 8)

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Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar With ¼ Moisturizing Cream To Give You Softer, Smoother Skin, 100 g, (Pack Of 8)

  • Dove Beauty Bar doesn’t dry skin like regular soap can
  • ¼ moisturizing cream and gentle cleansers help retain skin’s moisture
  • No 1. Derma recommended Bar
  • Leaves skin softer, smoother and more glowing
  • No1 Brand recommended by dermatologists

Dettol Original Germ Protection Bathing Soap bar, 125 gm, Buy 4 Get 1 Free

  • Daily Protection: Dettol Bathing soap bar provides protection from a range of germs
  • Germ Protection: Deeply cleanses and protects your skin from 100 illness-causing germs
  • Healthy Skin: Contains more than 80% naturally derived ingredients and glycerin to keep skin moisturized and healthy
  • Doctor Recommended: All Dettol products are recommended by Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Available in variants: Original, Skincare, Cool, Aloe Vera

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Godrej No.1 Bathing Soap – Lime & Aloe Vera, 150g (Pack of 9)

  • Contains: 9 soaps (150g each)
  • Grade 1 soap with 76% TFM
  • Suitable for all skin types and all age groups
  • Contains natural oils to give you skin that glows with nourishment
  • Combination of Lime and Aloe Vera leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft
  • Fragrance: Lime

NIVEA Creme Soft Soap (3 x 75 g)

NIVEA Creme Soft Soap
  • Brand – NIVEA
  • Model Name – Creme Soft Soap
  • Quantity – 225 g
  • Pack of – 3
  • Organic – No
  • Ideal For – Men & Women
  • Fragrance Scent – Almond

Santoor Sandal & Turmeric Soap (4 x 100 g)

Santoor Sandal & Turmeric Soap
  • Pack of: 4
  • For Women
  • Organic Anti-septic Soap

Medimix Ayurvedic Classic 18 Herbs Soap, 125 g (4 + 1 Offer Pack)

  • Quantity: 625g (Each 125g). package content: 5 Soaps. Item Form : Solid
  • Target audience: Men & women, boys & girls. skin Type : All Skin Types. Appliaction area: Body and face. Suitable For : Daily use on face, body and hands
  • Available Variants : Classic 18 herbs, natural glycerine, sandal and turmeric
  • Available in Sizes of : 12g, 25g, 50g, 75g, 125g and multipacks of 50gx5, 75gx3, 75gx6, 125gx3, 125gx5, 125gx6, 125gx8, 150gx5
  • Now, turn an ordinary bath into an Ayurvedic beauty ritual. It protects your skin against pimples, rashes, boils, Blemishes, Prickly Heat And Other Skin Ailments. Drives away body odour
  • Improves the smoothness of your skin. Fights prickly heat. Gives you a smooth, glowing and radiant skin that you’ve always dreamt of
  • For Best Results : Use twice a day, morning and evening. Benefits : Everyday Skin Protection and paraben free
  • Country of Origin: India

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Cinthol Original Bath Soap – 99.9% Germ Protection, 100g (Pack of 8)

  • Contains: Cinthol Original Deodorant and Complexion soap (8 units – 100g each)
  • High TFM (Grade 1 soap) keeps your skin healthy and glowing
  • Recommended by doctors to reduce risk of skin problems by 95%
  • Reduces risk of skin problems like acne, blemishes and rashes
  • Suitable for all skin types and all age groups
  • Also available in 4 other variants, namely Confidence+, Cool, Deo and Lime

Chandrika Ayurvedic Handmade Soap, 125g (Pack of 6)

  • Quantity: 750g (Each 125g); Item Form: Solid
  • It has more than double the amount of coconut oil and ayurvedic herbs, which gently treats skin problems and gives you clear, smooth and beautiful skin; It’s a handmade soap enriched with the goodness of coconut oil with the other ayurvedic tailas like palmarosa oil, lemon peel oil, sandal wood oil, wild ginger oil, orange oil and patchouli oil
  • With regular use, Chandrika protects one from common skin problems like pimples, dark spots, rashes, pigmentation etc. The result – clear blemish free skin, naturally!; Provides radiant glow and keeps your skin healthy. Keeps skin naturally soft, supple and gently perfumed.
  • Skin Type: For Sensitive Skin; Fragrance Scent: Floral; Application Area: Body
  • Usage: Lather and apply generously to the skin and then gently massage.
  • Patchouli Oil, Your Skin’s Best Friend :The earthy fragrance of patchouli oil also brings along antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a naturally effective way to promote the growth of new skin cells, which helps speed up the healing of scars and reduces unevenness in skin tone. It is also known to help control acne and body odour. With patchouli oil, very little goes a long way in giving you healthy and happy skin.Maximum Shelf Life: 36 Months.
  • Target Audience: Men & Women. Package Contents: 6 x Soap

Cinthol Lime Bath Soap, 100g (Pack of 8)

  • Contains: 8 soaps (100g each)
  • Refreshing lime fragrance that revitalizes your senses
  • Pleasant deo fragrance that lasts all day long
  • Suitable for all skin types and all age groups
  • Also available in 4 other variants, namely Confidence+, Cool, Deo and Original

Fiama Gel Bar Celebration Pack with 5 unique Gel Bars , 125g (Buy 4 get 1 Free)

  • Fiama Celebration pack offers 5 different gel bars each with unique ingredients and natural goodness that will refresh your mind and body.
  • It is filled with natural goodness, which gives you soft glowing skin and an indulgent experience.
  • Wash away the troubles of your day, with the foamy, fresh, and fun Fiama Gel Bar.
  • Uplift your mood and get ready to make every bath, a highlight of your day

Lux Rose & Vitamin E Beauty Soap For Glowing Skin Mega Pack 3×150 g

  • Soap contains Vitamin E know to nourish skin
  • For soft and glowing skin
  • Suitable for whole family
  • Fine Floral Fragrance
  • Good for Face and body
  • Lasting Fragrance
  • Infused with Beauty Oil

Park Avenue Good Morning Soap For Men, 125g (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)

  • Quality: 500g (each 125g); Item Form: Solid
  • Premium Fragrant Soap; Grade I Soap
  • Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, which is an anti-bacterial and thus ensures 100% germ protection. Enriched with Shea Butter which provides moisturizing to the skin.; Strong and aromatic fragrance which will not just bloom while bathing but will stick on skin for prolong feel of feshness. Cleansing without drying.
  • Application Area: Body and Face
  • Usage: Lather and apply generously to the skin and then gently massage. For best results, work up a rich lather and leave for 2 minutes before wash
  • Target Audience: Men
  • Package Contents: 4 x Soap

Lever Ayush Natural Fairness Saffron Soap, 100 g each (Buy 4 Get 1)

  • Natural Saffron Soap
  • It contains the goodness of Saffron (Kesar) & Kumkumadi Tailam
  • For Fair & Glowing Skin. Organic : No
  • Saffron (Kesar) is an Ayurvedic herb with great medicinal value known for its brightening and healing properties
  • Kumkumadi Tailam cures marks, lighten skin colour and improve skin’s quality
  • Kumkumadi Tailam is a unique blend of 16 herbs and oil