Top 6 Best Rice for Payesh in India 2021
Top 6 Best Rice for Payesh in India 2021

Top 6 Best Rice for Payesh In Online India 2021 | পায়েস বানানোর জন্য ভালো চাল ২০২১

Thandar Din Hok Kingba Goromer Din Amader Jono Payesh Jeno Akta Alada Rokomer Khawar, Karon Birthday Kingba Valo Kono Occasion Barite Payesh Banano Hobei.

Ami Choto Theke Dekhe Aschi Amader Birthday Din Joto Boro Cake Hok Kingba Na, Kintu Payesh Thakbei.

Apni O Ki Payesh Banaben Kintu Valo Chal (Rice) Khujchen Tahole Apni Sothik Jaygay Asche.

Barite 12 Mashe 120 Bar Besi Payesh Banano Hoy Bivinno Chaler Payesh Test Kar Hoygeche, Khub Valo Lagea Valo Chaler Payesh Test Korte.

Payesh Bananor Jono Amader Gobindo Bhog Rice Dorkar Hoy Kintu Valo Chal Hole Payesh Gondho Khub Sundor Hoy. Sobai Bujhte Pare Payesh Hoche Atotai Test Gondho Hoy Rannar Somoy.

Best Rice for Making Payesh In Online

Organics Food Market Gobindobhog | Jeera Rice (5Kg Pack)

  • Organic – Zero Budget Natural Farming
  • Good for daily consumption
  • Indigenous variety with no colors or flavors
  • Grown by our farmers in paddy fields in West Bengal.

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Pasupati Gobindo Bhog Rice (Ambemor Rice, Jeera Rice), 5 Kg, Aged Rice from West Bengal

  • It is also known as AMBEMOR/JEERA RICE in some places
  • Govindo bhog rice is premium aromatic rice and is highly nutritious with an excellent taste.
  • Naturally grown by small farmers in West Bengal, certified by Control Union
  • Gobindo bhog rice has a sweet buttery flavour that creates delicious meal for everyone!
  • Hygienically packed

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MonBangla Premium Aromatic Gobindobhog Rice (500 GMS)

  • Gobindo bhog rice has a sweet buttery flavour that creates delicious meal for everyone
  • Fssai certified premium quality bengali staples for your everyday meals.
  • Pure vegetarian. No artificial flavours. No preservatives

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Menu Maker Select Premium Gobindobhog Rice 1 kg

  • Available in SELECT PREMIUM variety, both in 1 kg & 750 grams pack sizes with 12 months shelf life.
  • Gobindobhog rice is a nutritious short grain, white, aromatic, sticky rice having a sweet buttery flavor perfect for any traditional recipe & essential for making Pulao & Payesh.
  • Cleaned, processed and graded under strict quality control for ensuring superior quality, maintaining all safety & security norms.
  • Each supreme grade product passes through meticulous check before getting hygienically packed in food grade pouches.
  • To be stored in the Ziploc pouch in which the Govindobhog rice is packed or in an airtight container in room temperature, away from direct light or heat.

Pekkoy Gobindo Bhog Rice – 900 GMS (450 GMS x 2) | Vacumm Packed | Jeera Rice | Bengal’s Sweet Buttery Flavour Rice

  • Gobindobhog rice is a short grained aromatic rice and is highly nutritious with an wonderful taste.
  • Cultivated mostly in West Bengal in India. It is white & sticky having a sweet buttery flavour. It’s strong and divine and you are bound to fall in love with the flavour instantly. Also known as JEERA RICE in some places
  • A staple rice for Bengali, almost all the Bengali cuisines can be made with this rice. It is often served plain and steamed as an accompaniment with Bengali curries
  • Thin and finest quality grains with a very nice and soft texture. Pearly white in color with a delicate texture.
  • Very high in nutrients and low in gluten, fat and cholesterol. Free from any kind of polishing. Rich in fiber.

B&B Organics Aromatic Rice Gobindobhog, 3 kg

  • This buttery flavored rice is a specialty of Bengal. It is aromatic and full of health benefits.
  • Suitable for any kinds of home-made or restaurant dishes.
  • It promotes healthy skin.
  • It helps in better bowel movements.