10+ Best Lunch Box For College Students In Online India 2023
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10+ Best Lunch Box For College Students In Online India 2023

As a college student, finding the right lunch box can be a challenge. You want something that is durable, easy to carry, and most importantly, can keep your food fresh for a long time. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect lunch box that suits your needs. In this article, we will discuss some factors to consider when buying a lunch box for college students.

Size and Capacity

When choosing a lunch box, it’s essential to consider the size and capacity. If you have a busy schedule, you may need a lunch box that can hold enough food to last you through the day. A lunch box that is too small may not be enough, and one that is too big may be too cumbersome to carry around. Therefore, consider the size of your lunch, the number of meals you need to carry, and how much space you have in your bag before buying a lunch box.


College students need a lunch box that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Look for a lunch box made of durable material that can withstand spills, drops, and bumps. Additionally, the lunch box should be easy to clean, especially if you plan to use it daily. You don’t want a lunch box that will accumulate stains and smells over time.


A good lunch box should have excellent insulation to keep your food fresh for as long as possible. A poorly insulated lunch box may not keep your food at the right temperature, leading to spoilage or foodborne illness. A well-insulated lunch box should keep your food hot or cold for at least a few hours, depending on the weather.

Ease of Use

A lunch box that is easy to use and carry around is a must-have for college students. Consider buying a lunch box with a handle or shoulder strap that allows for easy transport. The lunch box should also have multiple compartments to separate your food items and keep them organized.


Finally, consider the style of the lunch box. College students tend to be fashion-conscious, so choose a lunch box that fits your style and personality. There are many stylish and trendy lunch box designs available that can match your taste and preferences.

Affordable and Practical Lunch Boxes for College Students

Oliveware Teso Pro Lunch Box | 3 Stainless Steel Containers | Plastic Pickle Box | Steel Spoon & Fork | Insulated Fabric Bag | Leak Proof | Microwave Safe | Full Meal | Easy to Carry (Blue)

  • Oliveware Teso Pro Lunch Box is made using only the best quality materials that are European Food Grade Virgin raw materials and following the most stringent of international standards.
  • Ideal for office executives and college students, 4 unique tight and spill proof containers that keep food and beverage fresh and crisp for hours. The containers have air tight lids. This will prevent moisture from damaging your cooked food. These lids are also leak-proof so your food will not come out from the container even if it’s semi-liquid. And come with a steel spoon & fork.
  • Easy to carry containers along with a durable covering bag. You can keep these containers altogether safely in this bag. It’ll ensure the longevity and portability of this product.; ?? Sleek in size and round in shape, Oliveware’s sleek range of lunch boxes gives you the option of carrying curry items in peace. Don’t worry about any spillage as they are spill proof and also freezer safe and dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean fabric jacket along with zipper to ensure best in class lunch box range online. Oliveware is sold across the nation, millions of pieces sold and is now here to rule the online market with best of pricing and options.
  • Color Name: Blue

Borosil Ace Universal Borosilicate Glass Lunch Boxes Set of 4 (320 ml, 240 ml) with Lunch Bag, Lunchboxes for Office & College, Microwave Safe, Leak Proof (Green)

  • MADE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY BOROSILICATE GLASS -Borosil’s glass lunch boxes are made of the best borosilicate glass, which is extreme temperature resistant and extremely tough – so it can withstand daily use and commutes- just what you need to carry all that lovingly prepared home food to office or college.
  • LEAK PROOF, AIR-TIGHT, BPA FREE LIDS -The lunchboxes can be used to carry dals and sabzis without fear of leakage. A 100% airtight seal ensures that no smells get in or out – keeping your food perfectly fresh.
  • MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE -Reheat your food whenever you’re ready to eat without going through the trouble of transferring them to microwave safe bowls first! Our glass lunch boxes can go straight from the fridge and into the microwave!
  • STAIN PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN – The glass does not absorb any stains or smells so it’s easy to clean and hygienic. The removable silicone gaskets make cleaning the lid a breeze. The lunchboxes are also dishwasher safe.
  • CONTEMPORARY CARRYBAG – The glass lunch boxes come with a smartly designed carrybag that’s also easy to clean. This makes them a great option to carry your lunch to office or college.

MILTON Delicious Combo Stainless Steel Insulated Tiffin, (1 Tumbler and 3 Container) Set of 4, Grey

  • Insulated, Sturdy fabric with CFC free Soft Polyurethane foam that keeps the content hot, fresh and tasty for hours.
  • 3 Round Stainless steel leak proof Containers which can be used for dry and semi liquid food. Stainless steel leak proof tumbler which is ideal for water, juice, buttermilk etc.
  • Soft insulated Compact lunch box to carry full meal. Ideal for office going people
  • Color: Grey , Material: Stainless Steel, Package Contents: 4 – Pieces Delicious Combo Set (containers – 200 ml, 320 ml, 500 ml and Tumbler 380 ml)

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Borosil – Hot-N-Fresh Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box, Set of 3 (1pcs 350 ml + 2pcs 420 ml), Grey

  • Materia type: Stainless Steel; No. of containers: 3; Capacity of containers: 1 Container: 350ml + 2 Containers: 420ml Each; Contents include: 1 Container (350ml) + 2 Containers (420 Ml Each) + Spoon + Lunch Bag; Colour: Silver
  • Best usage: Office/College; Microwave safe: No ; Leak proof: Yes; Insulated: Yes; Keeps food warm upto 6 Hours
  • Other features: Dishwasher safe
  • Care: do not use the containers in the microwave
  • Use a brush to clean the inside. Do not use strong detergents, bleach, stainless steel scrubbers etc, Freezer Safe
  • Air vent button on main lid for easy opening, ideal for carrying roti, rice, dal and your favourite vegetable; double wall vacuum insulated lunch box; air vent button on main lid for easy shopping
  • Available with easy to carry bag ; package content : 1 container – 350 ml, 2 containers – 420 ml, 1 pc spoon, 1 lunch bag; warranty: 1 year on product, please

MILTON Executive Insulated Lunch Box (2 Stainless Steel Container, 280 ml Each; 1 Microwave Safe Container, 450 ml), Green

  • Carry your home cooked food in style with Insulated lunch box, it keeps food hot and fresh for long hours.
  • Freedom of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof, so that you can carry a variety of food without the fear of spillage.
  • Containers are leak proof and one oval container is microwave safe without lid. It has a soft insulated outer jacket.
  • Color: Green, Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic. Package contents : 1 – Piece Exective lunch Box (2 Round container and 1 Oval container) (280 ml, 280 ml, 500 ml).

Milton Tasty 4 Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Black

  • Material type: Stainless Steel; No. of containers: 4; Capacity of containers: 200 ml, 320 ml, 320 ml, 500 ml; Contents include: Tasty Lunch Box(4 Containers); Colour: Black
  • Best usage: Office/School/College/Picnic; Microwave safe: No; Leak proof: Yes; Insulated: Yes; Keeps food hot for long hours
  • Freedom of carrying liquid dishes as the containers are leak proof so that you can carry a variety of food without the fear of spillage. Soft insulated outer jacket with adjustable belt making it easy to carry and washable jacket.
  • Carry your home cooked food in style with Insulated lunch box. Made of food grade material, the containers are 100% stainless steel.

Cello Max Fresh All in One Lunch Box Set of 5 with Fabric Bag | 3 Plastic Containers with Steel Inner, 1 Pickle Box and 1 Steel Bottle | Microwave Safe | Full Meal and Easy to Carry, Black, Large

  • Lunch box Set Includes- 3 Plastic Containers with Steel Inner(225 ml + 375 ml + 550 ml ), 1 Pickle Box(175ml), 1 Bottle(800ml), 1 Zippered Carry Bag
  • Made with premium quality foodsafe plastic with steel inner, the lunchboxes are safe and durable.
  • Sleek and compact, the All-In-One lunchbox is leak and spill proof and gives you the option to carry carry curries and soups with ease. The lunchbox is also Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean Soft fabric handy lunch carrier along with zipper ensures the functionality and make the lunch box eay to carry.
  • Ideal for office executives and college students, 4 unique tight and spill proof containers that keep food and beverage fresh and crisp for hours while a 800ml bottle provides adequate hydration

MILTON New Steel Combi Lunch Box, 3 Containers and 1 Tumbler with Jacket, Set of 4, Black | Food Grade | Light Weight | Dishwasher Safe | Easy to Carry | Leak Proof

  • Colour: Black; Material: Container – Stainless Steel, Tumbler – Plastic; Package Contents: 4 – Pieces New Meal Combi Lunch Box (3 Pc Stainless Steel container – 280 ml Each, 1 Pc Tumbler – 400 ml)
  • Steel Combi is an insulated lunch box and has a soft outer jacket that keeps the food hot and fresh for hours.
  • Freedoms of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof. An extra pocket to carry spoon, fork, handkerchief, medicine, sugar cubes, etc.
  • It contains 3 leak Proof Stainless Steel containers that can be used for dry as well as semi liquid food and 1 leak proof tumbler for water, juice, buttermilk, etc.
  • Compact lunch box to carry a full meal. It is easy to store, clean and maintain, it comes with belt for easy carrying. Ideal for office, college and school students.

Borosil – CFDWSET2NL14 Carry Fresh Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box Set of 2, 280ml, Grey

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 135X-X140
  • Pack of: Pack of 2
  • Volume: 280ml+280ml
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing defect and lids under five year warranty from date of purchase on manufacturing defects in material and workmanship

Milton Flexi Insulated Inner Stainless Steel Lunch Box Set of 4 Containers (180 ml, 320 ml, 320 ml, 450 ml), Brown

  • Color: Brown; Material: Inner Stainless Steel; Package Content: 4 – Pieces Tiffin Box (180 ml, 320 ml, 320 ml, 450 ml) with Carry Bag; Dimension in cms (L x W x H): 180 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 4; 320 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 6.6; 450 ml – 12.7 x 12.7 x 8.3
  • Best usage: Office/College; Microwave safe: Yes (Without Lid); Leak proof: Yes; It has Expandable Soft insulated jacket for convenient usage
  • Containers are totally leak proof and is mircowave safe without lid. It has a soft expandable insulated outer jacket.. It is air-tight, spill-proof and moisture-free storage containers keep your food fresh and tasty for long
  • It is travel mess-free as it is designed with separate leak proof food containers to keep dry and wet foods hot in the same container, without mixing them together until you decide to eat. Made from food-grade virgin plastic hence hygienic and odourless
  • The containers let you carry multiple items of your choice and prevent them from leakage. The jacket is designed to make it easy for you to carry this lunch box anywhere.

VAYA TYFFYN with Cutlery Set – Black 1000 ml Copper-Finished Stainless Steel Lunch Box + Bagmat + 3 Piece Cutlery Set (Spoon, Fork & Spork) – Combo Offer

  • What’s In The Box:- One 400 ml Container, Two 300 ml Containers, Three Lids, Three Partitions, Base, a Vacuum Insulated Outer Shell and a BagMat (Lunch Bag) with Sling + Extra 3 Piece Cutlery Set (One Spoon, One Fork and One Spork); Colour: Black, Material: Stainless Steel, Container: Copper-finish, Shape: Oval, Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Carry Meals On The Go:- A well-balanced healthy lunch is very important for Teens and Office goers. Tyffyn 1000 ml lunch box can be used to carry fruit, veggies, sandwiches, carbs, meat, biryani and even dessert. Perfect to carry lunch to college, work, camping, traveling or any indoor or outdoor activities
  • Keeps Your Food Fresh and Warm with Advanced Technology:- Lunchbox features double-walled vacuum insulation which ensures that your food stays warm and fresh for at least 4 – 5 hours
  • Premium Quality Containers and Partitions:- The premium copper-finished containers add a touch of elegance to your lunchbox. All containers come with an easy opening BPA-Free lid. Containers do not retain flavours or scents, so you can use it over and over again. Each container comes with partition to arrange multiple food items in an appropriate proportion for you. The partitions do not let different food to touch and get messy in the containers. The containers are dishwasher safe