8 Best High Speed Table Fan For Home Use

8 Best High Speed Table Fan In Online India 2022 [Bengali]

Summer season start hole fan kotha monea pore seta table fan kingba ceiling fan, kintu sobai ceiling fan pochondo kore na ami nijeo khub besi table fan pochondo kori. Bedroom use jono noyto hall room aber evening balcony jono portable table fans khub besi useful hoy, high speed airflow jono best table fans. Ceiling fan satheao akta valo low noise high speed table fan hole valo hoy, table fan purchase oneke confusion hote thake ami nijeo jokhon table fan purchase korbo tokhon onek kichu dekhe select korechilam.

Apni apnar room jono akta stylish high speed low electric consumption table fan khujchen internet modhe tahole apni sothik jaygay aschen, apnake ami dekhabo 8 best high speed table fan in online.

Local market electronic store kingba online store amara valo valo stylish best table fan peyejabo, kintu ak sathea onek varieties style different & different company fan dekhe confusion hote thake kemon table fan select korle khub besi valo hoy.

Unique stylish & useful items khujte ami khub besi bhalobashi seta local market store kingba online store, ar amar moto oneke ache jara internet search kore valo products offer price select korte pochondo kore. ami jokhon fan selection tokhon kichu feature dekhe select korchilam jemon low electric consumption, low noise, high speed fan sathea products warranty.

Ajke amader blog article short-list royche amazon theke select kora amar pochondor best selling & good feedback high speed budget table fans j gulo oneke pochondo koreche. Apni jodi amader sompurno blog article short-list read koren tahole apnar pochondo hote pare amader selected fan’s gulo, apnar pochondo table fan apni local market electronic store kingba online store theke select korte paren.

Best high speed maximum airflow table fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan (Red)

  • Aerodynamically designed blades for High Air delivery with low noise
  • Powerful Copper Motor designed for Indian conditions.Volts 230 V AC, 50 HzV
  • Overheat protection- Fuse to protech during thermal overload
  • Easy assembly – Follow step by step instruction as per manual
  • Uniform And Jerk Free Oscillation
  • Air Delivery: 67 Cubic meter per minute
  • RPM: 1280

AmazonBasics High Speed Table Fan for Cooling with Automatic Oscillation (400 mm, 55W, White)

  • Aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 400 mm
  • Offers air delivery of 65-73 cubic metres per minute (CMM)
  • Three angles of vertical tilting allow you to adjust the fan single-handedly as per requirement
  • Provides cooling with 1456 rotations per minute (RPM) at maximum speed
  • Cools a wider area with smooth and automatic oscillation of 80% degree angle
  • Portable nature offers you the flexibility to move the fan across rooms
  • 100% copper motor is durable and offers a smooth airflow mechanism

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Havells Swing LX High Speed 400mm Table Fan (Cool Blue)

  • Jerk free oscillation
  • 120 ribs guard. Remote : No
  • Aerodynamically designed PP blades
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 50 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Fan, Motor and Blade set
  • High speed feature will increase the fan air delivery noise

Crompton Wave Plus 400-mm (16 inch) High Speed Oscillating Table Fan for Home and Kitchen (KD White)

  • PRODUCT: Crompton’s wide oscillation table fan with motorized control for modern households
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 400 mm; Air Delivery 85 CMM; Speed 1350 RPM; Power consumption 60 W. Remote : No
  • WARRANTY: 2 years; Provided by Crompton from date of purchase
  • ERGONOMIC: Free-standing fan, can be easily moved around
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: High-speed oscillating table fan with aerodynamically designed blades providing a wide cooling area
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 unit of Crompton Table Fan, Instructions Manual and Warranty Card

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Table Fan (White)

  • Sweep : 400mm, Power : 50W, Air Delivery : 70CMM, RPM: 1320
  • High Air Delivery : Improves the feel of air with high air delivery
  • Silent operation : High efficiency minus the air cutting sound
  • High Speed : Provides high RPM
  • Overload thermal protector : Acts as a fuse and protects the motor from damage
  • Full copper motor : Increases durability and provides robust performance
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Includes: 1 Fan Unit, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan (White/Blue Tint)

  • Revolutionary CTX (concentric winding) technology which ensures silent operation, high air thrust and low power consumption along with higher reliability
  • Five blades offer extra high air thrust in heavenly silence ; Number of Speed Settings: 4
  • 95 cmm high air delivery at moderate power consumption
  • Thermal overload protection device
  • Robust motor for longer life
  • Snow white body with 5leaf san blades
  • Sweep: 400mm, air delivery: 95 cmm, air displacement: 5700 m3/hr

Orient Electric Retro T16 400mm Table Fan (Rubbed Bronze)

  • Sweep: 400mm, Air Delivery: 4800 m3/hr, RPM: 1280
  • Rubbed-bronze finish adds to the overall aesthetics
  • 3-speed rotary switch control
  • Sleek 4-leaf aluminium blades
  • Classic design with full metal body coupled with modern functionality provides durability
  • Spiral guard design ensure international safety standard
  • 90 Degree oscillation with Up & Down tilt mechanism

Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Table Fan (White)

  • Aerodynamic pp blade
  • Great performance with premium finish
  • Includes: Complete Fan
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty