Best Chocolate To Gift in India 2021 [Bengali]
Best Chocolate To Gift in India 2021 [Bengali]

Best Chocolate To Gift In Online India 2021 [Bengali]

Apni Chocolate Dekhchen Konta Niben Ar Konta Nile Sobai Pochondo Korbe? Tahole Apni Sothik jaygay Aschen Apnake Ami Kichu Valo And Tasty Chocolate Dekhate Jachi.

Chocolate Amon Akta Gift’s Jetar Sathea Kichu Tulonta Hoy Na, Sundor Chocolate Gift’s Apnar Sobar Jono Sob Somoy jemon:- Birthday, Anniversary, First Meeting, Special Day Gift.

Akhon Sobar Kache Besi Somoy Thake Naa J Sothik Unique Akta Gift’s Chocolate Khuje Ber Korar, Tai Ami Kichu Valo and Tasty Chocolate Short List Korlam J Gulo Apnar Valo Lagbe.

Apni Apnar Pochonder Chocolate Nite Paren Amader Short List Theke, Apni Amader Janaben Apni Kon Chocolate Ta Besi Pochondo Korchen.

Best Chocolate To Gift In Online

Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box, 177 g

  • Product packed and delivered with frozen gel packs (reusable) to maintain temperature & quality during transit
  • A perfect gift for occasions like anniversary, birthday to celebrate with delectable variants of chocolates packed together to shower joy
  • Makes for a perfect and memorable gift to celebrate special occasions
  • Order now to surprise your loved ones with delecatable Cadbury rich dry fruit collections
  • Each box contains Almonds, Cashews & Raisins enrobed in rich chocolate

Ferrero Rocher, 16 Pieces, 200 gm

  • Delicious chocolates
  • Gift a box of these chocolates to kids, siblings, girlfriend, parents. Everyone would love them
  • Pack of 16 pieces
  • Quantity: 200 G
  • Shelf Life: 275 Days
  • Package Contents: 1 X Chocolate – 16 Piece

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Birthday Pack (110 Candies), 605 gm

Country of Origin: India

Brand : Cadbury

Flavour : Chocolate, Caramel

Item : 15 x 14 x 2.5 Centimeters

Weight: 712 Grams

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Cadbury Celebrations Premium Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 281 g

  • Product packed and delivered with frozen gel packs (reusable) to maintain temperature & quality during transit
  • Celebrate your special occasions with your favourite chocolates- Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury 5 Star 3D, Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond and Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle
  • It stands for goodness. A moment of pure magic and unforgettable feeling!
  • Enrich festival celebrations with your friends and family with this special assorted chocolate box

Cadbury Bournville Raisin and Nuts Dark Chocolate Bar, 80g (Pack of 4)

  • The finest cocoa beans that have the perfect size and aroma go in to the making of the Bournville, offering consumers the sheer luxury and goodness of premium dark chocolate
  • A chocolate that allows you to relax , unwind and end your day on a sweet note with Raisin and nuts
  • Order to experience the irrestible taste of Bournville dark chocolates
  • This pack Contains 4 units of Cadbury Bournville Dark with Raisin & Nuts Chocolate Bar – 80gm each
  • Country of Origin: India

Ferrero Rocher Moments,(Box of 24 Units), 139.2 g

  • Introducing Ferrero Rocher moments, from the house of Ferrero
  • Its center is filled with an exquisite hazelnut cream, which is surrounded by a crunchy wafer shell and is coated with fine meringue nuggets
  • Ferrero Rocher Moments carefully designed recipe and hermetic pack maintains its extraordinary taste, to keep it perfect even in tropical climates
  • Ferrero Rocher Moments is crafted to delight.
  • Make the Moment Perfect with Ferrero Rocher Moments

Cadbury Birthday Celebrations Box, 430g

  • Organise a surprise birthday party with Cadbury birthday celebrations box
  • Make your event special with your favourite assorted bars of Cadbury chocolates
  • Rich, smooth and creamy classic milk chocolate which gives you more joy in every bite
  • This pack includes 2 units of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk- 60g, 2 units of Cadbury Dairy Milk Family Pack- 130g, 1 unit of Cadbury Dairy Milk Maha Pack- 50g, 1 Birthday Banner, 1 Birthday Cap and 3 whistles

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Cadbury Silk Special Potli, 343g

  • This potli contains 1 x Silk Bubbly 50g, 1 x Silk Fruit & Nut 55g, 1 x Silk Oreo 60g, 1 x Silk Roast Almond 58g, 2 x Silk Plain 60g and a beautiful brass diya
  • Product packed and delivered with frozen gel packs (reusable) to maintain temperature & quality during transit
  • Surprise your friends with this elegant Diwali Potli
  • Share the joy with this scrumptious pack of goodness. An ideal gift for your friends & family on Diwali
  • Delicious gifting option of indulgent treats
  • Country of Origin: India

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Valentines Heart Shaped Gift Box, 324g

  • Say happy Valentine’s day with premium silk treats
  • Surprise your valentine with smooth and creamy silk treats packed in beautifully designed pack
  • Enjoy the irresistible taste of silk
  • Indulge in a rich, smooth and creamy celebration
  • Country of Origin: India

Luvit Chocorich Assorted Eclairs Chocolate Birthday Party Gift Combo – Hazelnut, Dark Choco & Classic, 60 Pieces, 480g – Pack of 2

It stands for goodness a moment of pure magic. A beautiful gift